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DESCRIPTION The innovative wide and flat imaging field, that covers 645 medium format cameras, an..
Vixen's VMC 95L Reflector Telescope is a small telescope with big ambitions. With  a curve..
A superior modified Cassegrain design, Vixen's VMC260L Telescope outperforms a traditional Schmidt-C..
The VMC200L Reflector Telescope is a unique 200mm, 8" catadioptric optical system. It incorporates a..
This is a compact optical tube, with features found on Vixen's higher end telescopes. Suitable for v..
DESCRIPTION A superior modified Cassegrain design, Vixen's VMC260L outperforms a traditional Schm..
The VC 200L Reflector is an 8" f/9.0 highly corrected, highly specialized telescope for astro imagin..
This "Entry" Level telescope has features and quality found on many higher priced optical tubes.From..
Start your adventure observing the stars with this easy to use telescope. Providing everything you n..
The remarkably fast 200mm (8") f/4 parabolic primary mirror of the Vixen R200SS Newtonian Reflector ..
This lightweight 5” newtonian is a favorite of many new astronomers because it features remarkable l..
Weighing in at 14.3 lbs this 5.5 inch Vixen telescope is an incredible performer and assures you of ..
Take this Scope with you and get up close to nature. The Nature Eye is lightweight and durable. Take..
When The ED81S Refractor was introduced, it set a new standard for APO Refractors. ..
The ED 80SF was initially listed as an entry level APO, but now with so many astronomers giving us s..